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I have psoriasis of the nails both fingers and toes and it's just getting worse. Doctors don't seem to know how to treat it. I am so embarrassed.


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Sarah @sarahuk

Hi Shirril. Nails are so hard to treat, but many of us have p in these areas. I had a foot full of psoriatic toenails for about 2 years but mine was triggered by a trace of fungus that had set off the p big time! Once the fungus was gone, the p was gone too under the nails. For now they're looking normal again... not sure for how long!

Sue @sue1965

Hi Sarah, I have the same problem you had with fungus. My toenail looks terrible, please advise as to how I can treat/get rid of toenail fungus. regards Sue

john,Hulk @chewbacca

hello shirril,they wouldnt know how to treat it to clear it as there is no cure for this,healing yes to make better i know this ,doctors and dermatologists deal with symptoms not route cause of psoriasis, i havnt see a derm for over 30 years or doctors for it as i know they cant help me,they normaly sit there scratch their heads like a dodgy car mechanic looking through text books offering creams from the dark ages , what i used to get from them, i chose diet/lifestyle changes and it does help over the long term, that is a choice though a choice for everyone, sorry about all this you are going through, hope you can get on top of it

Sarah @sarahuk

The toenail p was triggered by fungus, not caused by it... Sure Sue if you follow me I can message you about my experience with toenail p

selena @selena

I understand your embarrassment and frustration. I have it in all my finger and toe nails. The worst is that I teach knitting and so people are looking closely at my fingers when I explain things. I had them cleared up briefly after taking [.....] but then they quickly went bad again. I don't know why.

Jules99 @jules99

Hello Shirril, I also have this in my toes and finger nails, I saw doctor and dermatologist and when I ask the dermatologist how it could be cured I was told that I did not want to do this! When I questionned why she said we have to give you injection of cortisone, I said ok let's do, it she added under the nails!, I then said thank you you're right I do not want to do this. I accepted it and I also found that it is getting worst in stressful time. Stay happy.

Marlene @lawmomof3

I also have psoriasis of my toenails on the 4 toes that have psoriatic arthritis. They nails shrunk up in size and got very thick and brittle. Hard to clip them. They catch on socks. I've been taking an old type of DMARD. But it has done nothing for my nails. It has lessened the pain and stiffness some in the toes. I have tried some of the creams for my psoriasis on them, and it doesn't seem to help any.

steve @beachbum

I had the same problem. First, make sure you don;t have sleep apnea. If you do, get a CPAP and use it. That made a difference for me. Then I started drinking a homemade Kombucha brew with pineapple, ginger, and turmeric and my nails are pretty much cured.

Connie @connie01

Hi, I’m new to this group. Steve, how bad were your nails before you started drinking this Kombucha? And how long did you have to drink it to start to see the healing?
I literally have No nails left! I grind them down with a dog nail grinder because I’m so embarrassed from them that I glue fake nails on when I need to wear toeless shoes or sandals. I’ve tried everything, ointments, homemade remedies, Vick’s, medications, and even Lazer treatments until they finally said it is psoriasis. Now I’m devastated and don’t know what else I can do, so I would love to try this drink! Also, would I just Google it?

john,Hulk @chewbacca

diet/lifetyle changes will make the nails better, it did mine, my finger nails look normal now and have been for a lot of months just by eating clean, my nails were fungal looking and coming away from their beds,, its an inflammatory response from diet that causes nail problem aswell as other problems like bad joints and bad skin, it is a choice though a choice for everyone to change diet /lifestyle :)

steve @beachbum

HI Connie, They were really ugly for a long time. On many of them the whole nail was deformed and much of it was no longer attached to the nail bed. This included my finger nails as well.
Funny you mentioned the dog nail grinder as I did exactly the same thing. In many cases I could grind away the whole nail to the psoriasis patch underneath.
My first big improvement was when I got a CPAP for sleep apnea. As sleep apnea causes the oxygen levels to drop in your blood, it impacts your overall health to include your skin. There are studies linking psoriasis to sleep apnea. Google it. If you snore, you probably have it. But the cheapest way to check is to get a SPO2 sleep tracker. These track your SPO2 as you sleep, then you download to your PC in the morning and see a graph your overnight SPO2. If you are dropping below 94% you have mild sleep apnea, If you are dropping below 90% you have severe sleep apnea. I was in the high 80's. The devices that record cost ~$100. The other alternative is to have sleep study done by a doctor. But these cost thousands and how much you pay will depend on your insurance.
However, even after going on CPAP my toenails were still bad and my finger nails although better, still has some separation issues. But most of the deformities on my finger nails were gone.
I really didn't monitor when the Kombucha had an affect as I didn't start drinking it intending to cure psoriasis. I was just drinking it as a probiotic to improve digestive track health and added turmeric as a possible preventive measure for brain cancer which killed all three of my siblings. But two months in I just realized my psoriasis was disappearing and my nails were clearing. I didn't immediately make the connection.
Three months in, it was almost all gone.
I had to go to China for three weeks last month and near the end of the trip I was starting to develop a small patch on one leg so it is possible it was due to the lack of my magic elixer during the trip.
I can't be 100% sure my Kombucha recipe did the trick on my psoriasis, but it makes sense after reading more about ginger, pineapple, and especially turmeric. I would suggest trying it for three months and if you don't see significant improvement, then maybe it didn't work for you. You may decide you like the stuff regardless and just keep drinking it anyway. You may see improvement in a few weeks since you will be paying close attention to it. But it also will take a month before you are able to make the volumes to drink two sixteen oz bottles a day as I am doing. Yo can google Kombucha to learn how to make it, but you won't find my specific second ferment recipe there as it was something I came up with. I'll try to share my recipe later today. Nice to meet you.

steve @beachbum

Because those are your extremities and the most susceptible to disease and problems. If your SPO2 is low, they are the first places affected. Your body protects your core first.

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