...feeling alone Sue @sue1965


Please share your treatment for psoriasis with me


Please don't include specific medical product brand names or external links.

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Babette @babette

Hi. I will come back to you - just need to get the name of one of the creams I use. Watch this space :-)

Polyp @polyp

Daily baths with 85% soya bath oil with added lavender, tea tree and black pepper. Daily turmeric and black pepper pill. Avoid stress. Moisturise with light carrier with lavender, calendular and neem oils. No procesed foods, minimal meat, dairy and sugar. little alchohol. Daily, reaction to any flares and improvising response. Don't be alone; all of us on this site have been alone, scared, desperate, depressed, relieved, happy; all the emotions that as humans we experience. You are not alone xx

Sarah @sarahuk

Welcome to Flaym, Sue! Different stuff has worked on different types of p and in different places on my body. Where do you have p Sue, and what kind?

Tracie @trac2757

I take thrive and as long as I take it every day it pretty much keeps it gone

Mishlyn @mishlyn

Hi Tracy, what is thrive? :)

Babette @babette

I am fortunate that my P is only elbows and back of thighs. I do wear long sleeve shirts! My treatment is : Linotar Moisturising cream for P. Then I use a all over cream [...] for Eczema, P etc. It flares with stress but sunshine & holiday at sea helps

Peter @peter5300

lemon, turmeric with black pepper in my food ,a diet with very little to none night shade vedge in it low red meat , good turmeric supplement, multi vit and min and good Pre and Probiotic , i good the best results from that combo

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Sue @sue1965
Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

I am short, OK and generally people ask you, How tall are you? my reply is- I'm not tall I am short

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