...feeling okay Emma @emma1814


So reading all your comments about ‘normal’ coloured skin mine is fluorescent red and every over day is scaly can’t seem to control this beast!! So also starred photo therapy3 weeks ago it’s now been halted as know have psl and being treated


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Emma @emma1814

Psl is polymorphic light eruption got the initials wrong lol basically after having photo therapy I’m reacting to the treatment and it’s prickly heat as the skin exposed is not used to the heat and light... wonderful

Maggiec645 @maggiec645

I get it now.
Does it hurt? If u don't want to answer that ? Its ok.

Emma @emma1814

No it’s doesn’t hurt just more itchy bits to add to the current lol

Emma @emma1814

Sorry for lack of responses my phone is rubbish at keeping upx

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