...feeling hopeful Matthew @matt1985


Hi all am new on here had psoriasis since 2007 now been told I have arthritis in my ankles.


Theme Psoriatic Arthritis

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Mishlyn @mishlyn

Hi Matthew, Welcome! You will find loads of helpful information here and people as well ;-) The themes section would be a great place to start, if you haven't already.

michelle @Hopefulshell

Welcome Matthew, you've come to the right place for info.

Sarah @sarahuk

Hi Matthew, a double whammy, you're in the right place here amongst fellow Flaymers! Many of us have both conditions. Welcome to Flaym!

john,Hulk @chewbacca

hello mathew and welcome to flaym, i have both aswell, i control them with diet/lifestle changes, psoriasis is not from the skin but from within, its what we psoriatics do that makes psoriasis of the skin happen,some changes in diet/lifestyle is better than none but, it is a choice a choice for everyone, i wish you well :)

Michelle @michelle1021

Welcome Matthew. You have joined an awesome group.

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Teignmouth, United Kingdom

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