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I have an auto immune disease and I've dealt with parasitic infections for a little over a now. Anyone else??
Connecting the 2? ~ psoriasis and parasites .... ???


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cheLLe @chelle1

*over a year now

cheLLe @chelle1


Go to inspire com and search for psoriasis and parasite infection
Or just Google connection between psoriasis and parasite infections...

cheLLe @chelle1

Not on well water but I live in a rural area. I hardly go outside so I think mine is bc my meds aren't working 100 per cent for my illness n I'm going to take care of that next Dr visit., and stress is another factor. I've had a LOT of stress the past few months.
The psoriasis wasn't here that I could see before the parasites.... It prob was forming inside I guess.
My camper is very clean so idk what the deal is on the psoriasis flaring up unless it's the two things I mentioned.
Meds n stress...

Rose @rose7850

Could that be why I feel like something is biting me at night?

Shawn @EatOrganic

Are you taking a pharmaceutical that suppresses your immune system? If so I suggest ditching pharmaceuticals and changing your diet - it worked for me and others

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cheLLe @chelle1
Diana, TX, United States

I'm very fun to hang out with; however, I become a hermit since I've had this plaque psoriasis. At first we thought it was completely a parascitic infection (which it was in the beginning) but after the Parasites were gone, these lesions stayed.

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