...feeling hopeful Matthew @matt1985


Today started well but as it got cold and wet so the joints started seizing up,xmas party this weekend so last time for drinking as start my meds next week


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Mishlyn @mishlyn

The weather sure can play havoc on our bodies Matthew. In the winter I have to always be wearing thermals for an extra well as an extra pair of Something about the double socks that keeps heat in my body...otherwise I
Am curious about your new meds. Are you unable to drink while taking them? Or is it more a personal choice? Thanks Matthew!

Matthew @matt1985

Will have to try the thermals,the meds are strong to holt the arthritis so if you throw in loads of alcohol then it can damage the liver,got to have blood tests every month to check

Sarah @sarahuk

Hopefully the dancing at the party will loosen your joints up!

Matthew @matt1985

It did help but paying price today

Matthew @matt1985
Teignmouth, United Kingdom

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