...feeling frustrated Jimmy @jimmy82


I'm really trying so hard to beat this.


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john,Hulk @chewbacca

hello jimmy,sorry its getting you down, have you tried changing diet/lifestyle changes or some changes?, it is a choice though and i understand that completely it does help but, it dosnt fix it quick, only thing i can do to keep it better, i have arthritis aswell from psoriasis and that is better,my nails look good and my joints are not in pain,i wish you well

Sarah @sarahuk

Hey Jimmy, it's such a rollercoaster living with p and so frustrating at times. There must be happier times around the corner! We are all fighting away so hard, we will get there together 💜

Susan @godcares

Yeah Jimmy we all are either there or have beat it... If you want to do the elimination diet in January, please message me and I'll send it to you. A big bunch of us are doing it together on the site. Do not lose hope.

Jimmy @jimmy82
Edgewater, NJ, United States

Its not easy but only i can relate. Not sure what's worse having psoriasis or being an amputee... 😒

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