...feeling angry Don @don


the best thing I know that gets rid of mine is 2 weeks in turkey burn the lot off and its gone till the end of the summer . so get you kit off and get in the sun xx


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Kara @lwpsoriasis

It's actually a little bit sunny today 😁 shocker for England!!

Don @don

the sun has just come out in Liverpool xx

Don @don

well my head is burnt to a crisp today xx

carol @supernanny

ive been in 50 deg heat and still never got rid of it goa is very hot and been there 2 times but still have it glad it worked for you x

john,Chewweeeeee @chewbacca

feels cold here now back home in the uk,was hot hot in tenerife too hot,i managed to brave it twice no top on yay. :)

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Don @don
Liverpool, United Kingdom

not much to say . just ask if you want to know xx

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