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Child's Farm Moisturiser, read a story on it online so I've given it ago myself. It's made my P more smoother and taken alot of redness out ! Anyone else tried it ?


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James @ferns

Never heard of that one but it's always good to moisturise. Aveno seems popular with Flaymers. I'll look out for the one you mention though.

Michelle @mishlyn

I have read an article recently as well Shane. Sounds very intriguing! Great to hear that is working well for you! How long have you been using it for?

Susan @godcares

Never tried it Shane. But I'm happy that it is helping you.

Sarah @sarahuk

I did hear about this Shane, thanks for sharing your progress with it! I've never tried but sounds like a good option to try for flares.

Shane @shane

Yeah I used Aveeno prior, this seems much better for me personally. Been using it for about 3 weeks now. !

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Shane @shane
Kidderminster, United Kingdom

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