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‪Lately any lotion or oil, even ones that I’ve used for awhile, that I put on my skin makes my spots burn. But if I don’t put anything on, feels like hundreds of needles stabbing me. Has this happened to anyone else and how did you make it stop??


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Susan @godcares

Oh dear Joni... I sure hope you find a solution and if you want to try the elimination diet, and I haven't sent it to you already, just message me. You take care of yourself.

Nan195 @lynnie

Maybe a 1% Cortisone Cream May help Joni and soothing aqueous Cream too. Take care and get better soon 🌹

Sarah @sarahuk

Hi Joni, in the past I've had times like this where if you oil up it hurts, and if you don't, well... that hurts too. I think this was a phase where just nothing was going to touch it, so I went the opposite way and just left well alone for a few weeks before trying again. No medical creams, no moisturiser, no anything. After I'd let my skin do what it was doing, it seemed ready to try again! Mysteries of psoriasis...

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