...feeling hopeful Bren @bren2722

Coping, treatment, diet

Hi everyone :) keep me in your prayers as this foot pain is debilitating :/ I have faith it will get better 🙏🏽 love you guys!


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Susan @godcares

Oh Bren... You are always in my prayers for a long time now. I sure do hope the diet you will be doing with us helps.

Bren @bren2722

Thank you for
Your prayers :) I’m actually going vegan here almost a week now but I know sometimes it takes time.. I just don’t like to take pain pills only if I really have to. But the pain right now won’t even let me go to sleep ... I’m gonna listen to some healing meditation bible verses that seems to help me through this pain

Susan @godcares

Good Plan Bren. You've got this...

Mishlyn @mishlyn

You bet I will Bren, Sorry to hear this. Sending healing thoughts your way 💕 I hope you are feeling better soon!

Michelle @melodie1

Definite prayers for you!!❤❤❤

john,Hulk @chewbacca

i am not religious but, i respect those that are,things will get better in time bren,patients is all one needs,best things come to those that wait,few months or more, you will feel better i am sure,some improvement is better than no impovement i say, i wish you best wishes :)

Sarah @sarahuk

Bren really hoping for some improvements for you. Have you tried seeking more opinions from your derm or GP? After I'd exhausted all the options with a specialist derm, it was actually a frustrated revisit to my GP to moan about the lack of results from the derm that resulted in a prescription for a new cream I'd never tried, and one that the derm never even mentioned. Within 2 weeks, guttate flare totally clear, stopped cream, no sign ever since, so far. Worth a shot for a second opinion. Maybe ask "is there anything you've never prescribed to me before that would be worth trying?"

Julie @julie1968

Hope your feeling better soon x

Bren @bren2722

Hi Sarah, they want to put me on biologics but I don’t want to :/ I want to try the lifestyle change and eating healthy instead. I know it will be a slow process but I’ve seen many people heal from it :)

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Bren @bren2722
Yuma, AZ, United States

P since 1998! Excited to have found this group and hopeful to keep on fighting against P with all the support here ❤️

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