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What do y'all use on your scalp and in your ears? I hate the topical creams because they are usually so greasy.


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Cindy @cindy2180

Fighting an outbreak in my ears as I am typing this. I will have to try the aloe vera. So glad I found this group!! Everyone has such good suggestions to try I never thought of.

Lizz @lizzytoon

Thanks! I just ordered some Aloe Vera shampoo. I can't wait to try it. The charcoal shampoos always smell so awful, and they strip the color right out of my hair.

Sarah @sarahuk

Welcome Lizz - for me steroid gel has cleared my ears up, not used any in over 2 years now. Scalp - grapeseed oil!

George @georgeT

Cold pressed coconut oil it tends to stop itching and disguises the scaliness but it doesn't cure it unfortunately :/

Nell @nell

Can i ask which is the best Aloevera shampoo or are all brand good? Thank you.
I have psoriasis on scape and eyes, face eyes.

Gwendi @gwendi

A friend recommended sulphar free shampoo and soap. It helped for itchy scalp. Aloe vera gel works for my ears and skin in general

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