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Had another appointment with my newer Dermatologist yesterday. Very happy with my clearing, but as usual oblivious to any of my talk of diet and current infection I'm treating. (Candida) SMH


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Mishlyn @mishlyn

Thats great to hear you are doing so well Tim 😊 Its a shame that most drs/derms don't acknowledge diet. It really should be the first thing that is looked at with all diseases. At least we have each other to learn from 💕

Timo @BlueBassett

I agree. To bad most Western folks, i.e. North Americans & Europeans, are raised on such poor diets. My palate started to improve as soon as I moved out of the family home. With research, my eating habits are the best they've ever been. Flaym has been a great resource for some of that.

Susan @godcares

Tim I had the same experience, but worse with my rheumatologist. Kind of arrogant guy. That's ok... Now that I'm better, I'm off the derm, rheumy cycle... That's fine by me.

Timo @BlueBassett
Elgin, OR, United States

I've been dealing with my Psoriasis for 28 years now. I am always looking for naturopathic ways to treat my P.

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