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Feels normal and alienated at the same time


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Mishlyn @mishlyn

I have spend many years feeling that way myself Sulthan. I also used to think that people didn't really know the true me, as many people didn't know about my skin, that I hid away. If they knew about it--they didn't know how badly it affected me or how much pain it caused at times, emotionally or physically. The thing is.. they do know the *real us* They know our hearts and the type of people we are. our skin does not define who we are, unless we allow it to. What has really helped me in getting over the feeling of alienation is changing the way I look at myself and my skin. Stop putting so much negativity and hate towards it. Thought patterns like this become habits and habits can be changed. Our thoughts can be changed. The energy we put into this life, is the energy we will receive. We need to really Love and accept ourselves exactly as we are. It is easier said then done with the way our skin can be sometimes, Affirmations really help with this.
Some that I use frequently are *I am grateful for my beautiful, clear, healthy, vibrant skin* or * I Love and Approve of myself*
(even when my skin is not appearing to be this way) Feeding our bodies Love is just the same as watering a plant. The more water we give it...the more beautiful it will grow. If we forget to water it, things start going downhill. I'm happy you found us here, you are not alone. We are in this together!
Welcome to Flaym!

john,Hulk @chewbacca

hello sulthan,sorryto hear this,i improved mine with diet/lifestyle changes ,you will find many ways to hopefully control your condition, i wish you well and welcome to flaym, you are not alone here

Sarah @sarahuk

Welcome to Flaym, Sulthan! So glad you found us here. I don't feel alienated anymore since finding Flaym, so good to know other people going through the same thing and normalising it in my life! Hope you may find similar now that you're here.

Sulthan @sulthan4444
Dubai - United Arab Emirates

I am not the person who peaple know me as, and it shakes me

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