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What are bionics?


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john,Hulk @chewbacca

hello jen, you mean biologics? injections that suppresses the immune system,shuts it off and hopefully helps clear psoriasis, there are possible side effects though with this, some have had great results for years, some have not, its trial and error if you can go the route,i wish you well

Jen @jen1984

Yes John that's biologics sorry fat fingers.
thanks for your response. yes ive been reading up on the side effects. I really want to try something that will help my psoriasis better than lotions and potions but am afraid to stuff up my immune system further than it already is.....

Sarah @sarahuk

Welcome to Flaym, Jen! John gives a good summary of biologics! Check out the themes section for posts on this subject.

Margie @margie819

I have found a product called Skin Cap that has helped me. It is a spray. Has zinc in it. No steroids. It is expensive. Check it on Amazon or eBay. But I only have large patches on the shins of my legs. Got it about 5 years ago right after knee replacement surgery.

john,Hulk @chewbacca

thank you sarah and jen, i wish you well jen what ever you do,victor here has had some good results from biologics and you can message him for more info thanks :)

Jen @jen1984

Haha...yep sorry that's 'biologics' of course.

Geraldine @geri18

Hi Jen I see you are a Queenslander😀

Jen @jen1984

Yay Queenslander!!!

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Jen @jen1984
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

My pso started to get serious about 5 years ago but ive never been this itchy and sore from it.

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