...feeling happy Stuart @stuart1888


Hope the Christmas spirit is lifting everyone up!

Looking for advice for nail P and associated fungus. Recently quit biting them after 20 yrs. and carry a file to keep them neat.
Any home remedies or other recommendations for nail P?


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john,Hulk @chewbacca

yep stuart, plenty of spirts for me tomorrow as i am out on a pub crawl,i use diet /lifestyle changes and my nails look normal on my hands but my toes are a bit minging ,thats okay though :) welcome to flaym if you are new stuart :) happy xmas

Sarah @sarahuk

That ace that you've stopped biting your nails. It's such a hard habit to kick. For me a tiny trace of fungus triggered a massive reaction of psoriasis under the nails of my foot. I took antifungal tablets for 2 months and it cleared the small trace of fungus right up and the psoriasis along with it. Have you already tried antifungals? Hope this helps.

Mishlyn @mishlyn

Hi Stuart, I have noticed my nails and skin getting stronger after adding Omega 3 with high epa. I have also been drinking Moringa everyday for almost 3 months now. If you have never heard of it, give it a google..absolutely amazing benefits! Since the drink has been doing so much for me, I ordered Moringa oil and it is incredibly soothing as well. I put it on my skin and toe nails as they have been incredibly dry and am finding it very hydrating! :)

Susan @godcares

Stuart my ONLY suggestion now is to deal with psoriasis and any autoimmune dis-ease from the inside out. That worked for me to get healing. If you don't have it already, you can join many of us on the site doing the elimination/cleanse diet the we will kick off in January. Just wend me a message and I'll get it to you.

Stuart @stuart1888

Messaged you Susan, thank you.

Pub crawl cant be anything but a good time John hope you are safe throughout.

Think I should probably find a good anti-fungal to try Sarah, thanks for your input.

Looked up Moringa Michelle and very intersested to try it out.
Might even be able to grow it... thank you

I try to get to the beach every couple of weeks which helps my skin as soon as I step near the water Otto. Still working on my Hawaiian language skills😜

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Stuart @stuart1888
Waimea, HI, United States

I have been a wreckless fool since I was a teenager! Ready to begin my edification:)

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