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Both feet are broke out acrss the top of the foot and all the way across the bottom what all have u all used


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Mishlyn @mishlyn

Melissa, lately I have been using Moringa oil on my feet and it is keeping them very hydrated. Do you have a good moisturizer? Coconut oil is also very soothing. :)

Doreen @doreen

Hi Melissa I to have it on my feet I struggle to walk

Susan @godcares

Melissa if you haven't signed up for the cleanse/elimination diet we are doing in January, please message me. In the meantime I might suggest coconut oil with a good pair of cotton socks. Keep them on when you sleep. Aloe vera gel is my go to always, but there are tons of ideas here.

Melissa @melissa80

Please let me know more

Sarah @sarahuk

Check out the themes section for more posts on psoriasis on the feet!

Ingrid @ingrid1

I have a moisturiser with salicylic acid and shea butter that is not oily but is working a treat. Coconut oil is ok. I also soak my feet in a foot spa with a mix of epson salt and baking soda. Use the coconut oil thereafter and put on socks.

Michele @michele721

Ingrid; Hi there. Where do I buy this? I have soaled my feet & used coconut oil ... It feels great!

JudyG @judyg

My seem recommennds cerave healing ointment
Helps some. But not enough. Painful to walk sometimes. Wear socks all the time.

Ingrid @ingrid1

The ointment with salicylic acid? We get it at the pharmacy. Speak to your pharmacist. I got my current ointment from Avon - it is very soothing, and not too greasy. The avon label is Footworks.

kathy @kathy54

I use aquaphor lotion and wrap my feet in Saran Wrap. It keeps my feet moist so when I move them they don,t rip open. Also it makes it easy to peel the excess skin growth.

Beth @jvbs

I like Vaseline Cocoa Butter lotion. I slather it on really thick then put a plastic bag over it with a sock to hold it on, then go to sleep. As long as I remember it's on if I have to get up in the middle of the night, my foot is somewhat better in the morning.

kathy @kathy54

my dermatologist was the one that said to cover my feet with the plastic wrap. I have used the vaseline cocoa butter but definitely feel a big difference with the aquaphor. Unfortunately its quite expensive, but how can I put a price on something that works. I was on several prescription creams that helped but gave other terrible side effects. Also did the light treatment, which didn't help. I also have psoriasis on the palms of my hands.

Laura @laura1992

Hi, I just got my first sore on the bottom of my foot. Omg, it hurts to walk. It is thickening I think, (this is all new to me). It cracked open and hurts period whether walking or sitting. I soaked in Epsom salts last night and will again. I have some lotion the Derm gave me last year.

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