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Most people say or ask me what's that why is ur hands like that....... What did u burn your hands and when u say no they act like I am going to give it to them? Sometime I just don't know what to do half of the time. What do u all do


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john,Hulk @chewbacca

hello melissa, i have been there like last winter with people asking whats that on your arms,i decided to make changes even though i still have it, its better,the joints are better and skin is generally better,i havnt had psoriasis on my hands since last winter just by making big changes , it is a choice though a choice for everyone , i wish you well thanks

Mishlyn @mishlyn

Hey Melissa, I was a server when I was younger and had it on the tops of my hands. I would get asked that all the time. Got to the point, when they would ask if I burnt myself..and I'd say yes..followed by whatever story came to mind.. LOL I hope you are well!

Roxanne @roxanne

I told a woman once that it was Leprocy I had.

Sarah @sarahuk

That's tough. Maybe a chance to educate people? Not easy being the "example" though...

Jeri @jeri

I am usually asked if it's eczema. I reply that it's psoriasis and I am not contagious. This is all one sentence. Depending on the circumstances, I sometimes continue to say things like "it's an auto-immune disorder, it itches like mad, it hurts often".

Roxanne @roxanne

I told a rude lady thst I had leprocy.

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