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My psoriasis has been worse the last month on my back and ears! I don't know why! I can use any help you have. Thanks!


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Abdul @abdul130396

Same for me it was under control with homeopath but triggered suddenly. But the major changes in me i had a sinus surgery and took antibiotic.

john,Hulk @chewbacca

hello dinky,i do diet /lifestyle changes, 2 to 3 litres of bottled or filtered water a day, helps to hydrate skin, i use coconut oil to moisturise my face and sometimes a bit of virgin olive oil on my skin in places,i wish you well :)

Sarah @sarahuk

Welcome to Flaym, Dinky1! Glad you're feeling hopeful now that you're connected here on Flaym. It would be good if you could go through a process of working out your triggers... many people here have a similar bunch of triggers...tends to be things like stress, high emotion, sleep, alcohol, diet, weather... Once we get a hold on our triggers we can go about managing them!

Dinky1 @dinky1

Thanks everyone for your input! It is much appreciated. I have tried many times to figure out my triggers but no luck so far. I keep trying to add or omit but out of blue it comes on strong again. Trying to see what other people have luck with. I like black clothes but unable to wear because looks like it is snowing on my back and shoulders. Also the itching and discomfort.

Sarah @sarahuk

Triggers are really hard to analyse. I struggle even now with knowing how long stuff takes to trigger. E.g if I get a flare was it the thing I just ate or the thing I ate 2 days ago...?

Dinky1 @dinky1

I think one of my problems are wanting fast results! Maybe never stay long enough with any new program for results. Going to maybe try diet after first of the year. I have been really bad with diet this Christmas season. Also, stress has increased this last year. Thanks so much for all of your suggestions.

Margaret @margaret1976

Dinky1, l began using CBD oil by mouth about two weeks and already see an improvement in my scalp and ears. Best wishes!

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