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I developed guttate p when i was 24 .now i am 26 and now p triggered again . am i eligible to think of get marry in the future???


Theme Guttate Psoriasis

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Diane @froghop26

Of course. Your partner will love you regardless of your psoriasis.

Carol @carol724

I had three husbands. All passed away. Never had a problem getting one, just can't seem to keep them long.

Sarah @sarahuk

Hi Abdul, yes of course you are eligible! Everyone has their health "stuff" to deal with, no matter who they are or what kind it is. I really feel that everyone out there has a cocktail of health issues of some kind, and for some like us that includes psoriasis! For others it might be something different, but something nonetheless. Here's hoping you'll find your someone in 2018...

Abdul @abdul130396
Bangalore, Karnataka, India

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