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Merry Christmas Everyone - don’t eat too many inflammatory foods and drink too many inflammatory beverages!!! Wishing you all the best!


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john,Hulk @chewbacca

merry christmas shawn, i been good this xmas accept last saturday,no inflammatory foods for awhile now or alcahol, cant complain,this is my first clean eating christmas,february will be a year since i started making changes,how time flies :) happy christmas :)

Janice @Immy

Merry Christmas to you to Shawn.

Sarah @sarahuk

Hi Shawn, happy holidays to you too. Hmm definitely some inflammatory foods and drinks but less than other years for sure! And looking forward to the new year. By the way, love the goals on your profile, good new year resolutions!

Lee @lee1974

I’ve never really considered controlling my psoriasis with diet

GITTL @gittl

i try to eat fruit & veggies organic, chicken w/o hormones or antibiotics,turkey mostly, almost no meat.
nightshades only goat milk/yogurt spelt bread. i do have sugar. what else did you change/remove from your diet?.

Sarah @sarahuk

That sounds great, GITTL! I'm interested to see if I'll eventually be able to reintroduce some goats milk and sourdough bread when I've managed to heal my gut up a bit...

Rita @rita

GITTL, I love spelt bread too but no longer eat it since it has gluten. At this time, I’m not eating any refined flours at all.

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Shawn @EatOrganic
Tallahassee, FL, United States

Goals - retire before death - travel abroad more often - stop adopting chihuahuas - make time for charitable causes - leave corporate America in the dust and open my own business

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