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Hi, has anybody tried the Phillips home light treatment ? I had light therapy a few weeks ago although the psoriasis got so much better I can see it returning within two weeks of stopping treatment.😢😢


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john,Hulk @chewbacca

sorry about this louise, seems a lot of people have this problem,very common ,i havnt had light treatment in over 30 years, didnt help and i couldnt take time off work all those years ago, sorry for your frustration

Sarah @sarahuk

Hi Louise, welcome to Flaym! I haven't but I did consider it once upon a time. I know for many the psoriasis doesn't really go away with light therapy, but just goes kind of dormant and then resurfaces. I don't think light therapy of any kind can properly address any of the causes of p but is great for temporarily relieving symptoms of it.

Sarah @cottonbud

Hi Louise, I have one. I have psoriasis from head to toe at the moment, but it's flat and faded, so I only use it on particularly visible or stubborn patches that I want rid of quickly. I find that it breaks the back of the p (flattens it and makes it less flaky) so that with my diet changes and twice-daily moisturisation it's better than it ever was on prescription meds.

Lilly @lilly2

What kind of moisturizers do you find helpful?

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