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I am battling with itching in my ears and scalp


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Mishlyn @mishlyn

Hi Jeanette, have you ever tried apple cider vinegar to help the itch? Dabbing it on itchy spots with a cotton pad has worked incredibly well for me :) Welcome to Flaym

Robin @robin5869

Try good grade coconut oil/cream.

Cherie @cherie2

I live in Australia. I have found Moo Goo skin products helpful. Available at the chemist and online.

Sarah @sarahuk

Hi Jeanette! Welcome to Flaym. Have you tried putting plain oil on your ears and scalp to relieve the itch? Helps for me!

Debs @debs82

Me too drives me mad and tinnitus. Coconut oil helps to keep it down

Gail @gail1909

Me too, itching in the ears & top of scalp!

Lauriejean @poohbear

My ears ring too! Is that part of it too?

Debs @debs82

My ears ring too Laurie, its pulsing tinnitus in my case. I have read that ear wax can make them ring, so why wont skin that has dropped into the ear canal

Debra @debra125

I've had tinnitus for over 40 years. I'm sure their not related. I was diagnosed with plaque psoriasis about 2 yrs ago. I have it on my scalp, on and inside my ears, eyelids, both hands, and elbows. I did find out that psoriasis is genetic. My grandmother had moderate to severe plaques psoriasis too.

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