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I lost most of my hair so got the rest shaved off and started again 18 months later no change psoriasis just as bad.


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Sarah @sarahuk

Welcome to Flaym, Meg! That is really frustrating. I've heard that when the psoriasis clears the hair does grow back usually... I've lost only small amounts from scalp p but it has grown back again now it is clear.

Chris @Chris70

I've done the same Meg easier to cope with hope your ok

carol @carol1943

I haven't lost all of mine. I had lots but very thin and spindly now. Makes me sad but it is easier to treat when there isn't much of it. Scalp P is stubborn as can be. Mine doesn't itch these days though so that is a blessing.

Meg @meg3
Jedburgh, United Kingdom

I am 4ft 9ins tall lol

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