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I've been using a friend's mix which we call the "potion" all good anti's in an easy to make drink.

Add chopped ginger, garlic, and lemon juice to a pot of water.
Heat on stove (don't boil)
Add turmeric, black pepper and honey to taste.


Theme 🍋 Lemons and Psoriasis

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Susan @godcares

Sounds good Lawrence, minus the garlic. Allergic to it. I hope it helps you.

Sarah @sarahuk

Thanks for sharing! Sounds stinky with the garlic! 😆

Lawrence @Makelarray

Not too bad with the garlic. I've grown up with it as my dad had it when I was a child so I don't notice the smell.

Lawrence @Makelarray
Copenhagen, Denmark

Lover of water and outdoor activities, kite surfing and surfing mad! Got P. 2 or so years ago and am trying to not let it stop me doing what I love. Life has it's ups and downs, just like the waves in the ocean.

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