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Store in a container in Fridge. Stir before drinking.
You get used it to with trial and error.
Normal people - 1 shot x 2 a day
Flakers - I drink 500ml per day and feel great.
No side effects using less than 8g of curcuma which's a lot


Please don't include specific medical product brand names or external links.

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Bernice @bernicej

Very similar to something I make up. Over here we have a STRONG GINGER HONEY TEA. I make 2lt at a time, 3 x sachets of tea, 2 x green tea with mint and let it brew. Add lemon juice and drink on that all day. Ginger is awesome for the immune system! Keeps the cooties at bay! But alas not much help for my ears....sssssigh!
What's your thoughts on the turmeric? Note to self....Google benefits!

Lawrence @Makelarray

Turmeric is God's gift to us flakes IMO. Research says it can be used as a steroid alternate as topical treatment. Massive anti-inflammatory, great for pretty much everything apart from your clothes! Even fights carcinogenic cells and protects your immune system.

I swear by it in conjunction with everything diet related. It's no cure as we all know but it helps a lot!

Just like anything, do your own research and see what works for you but I'd advise looking into this

Bernice @bernicej

Thanks Lawrence! I will!!

Cindy @cindy2182

Do you just add turmeric to your food or how do you use it? Is there a specific amount, or supplement or cream you recommend?

Sarah @sarahuk

Thanks for this Lawrence! I drink turmeric tea every day. I make it using turmeric powder, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom pods, black pepper. It is so delicious and I'm pretty sure it's a massive reason why my skin is so clear at the moment my p is so much calmer.

john,Hulk @chewbacca

i sprinkle my turmeric on my food like a none flaker sprinkling sugar on their cornflakes :)

Lesley @lesley83

What is curcuma please ?

Norrmall4me @norrmall4me

My daughter has suggested turmeric for me. I've made a tea a couple of times. Taste is not the greatest.

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Lawrence @Makelarray
Copenhagen, Denmark

Lover of water and outdoor activities, kite surfing and surfing mad! Got P. 2 or so years ago and am trying to not let it stop me doing what I love. Life has it's ups and downs, just like the waves in the ocean.

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