...feeling happy Ruth @MissD


I love the fact that my partner loves me even though i have Ps and even though I would disagree -
he says I'm beautiful..


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Sarah @sarahuk

Hi Ruth, that is so great that you have this kind of affirmation from your partner. A few words can go a long way...


Ruth @MissD

thanks guys :)
Appreciate it

dorothy @dorothy17

And you are Ruth, I have it too for years will die with it. Just remember that, I was married have grown up children and had a normal life. I'm now alone in CT but i'm happy. Ps will not get us down just stop stressing and you will see it will get better. Go put your feet in the cold water lol and enjoy life and love.

Ruth @MissD

Thanks Dorothy :)

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Ruth @MissD
Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

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