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What lifestyle changes have you made since becoming diagnosed?


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pam @wipeoutmama

What lifestyle? I don't go to the beach or the lake. Don't wear black or dark color clothes. Don't date. Wear long sleeves in the summer. If my neighbors are out in the summer while I am doing yard work, I don't wear shorts. Can work any job that requires me to wear sort sleeves. When I worked in an office, I always wore long sleeves until remacade was approved. then after my skin cleared, I had a life. Hubby got cancer, so I had to quit work to care for him. He died and now I can only afford Obama care, which will pay for no kind of meds for this condition. I am 61 and it is hard to find a job that is full time with benefits. So I am screwed.

Alex @alex

Not really changed my lifestyle since having psoriasis aged 17.

However, I did go through a 'healthy' period from about age 37 to 43 where I went to the gym, had a sauna etc after and changed my diet to a healthier greener one. This did make a difference as from memory my 'flare' were less severe? So... perhaps it is time to look at what I am consuming again and see if that helps!

Susan @SuZQ

I have psoriasis on my scalp so I can't wear dark colored blouses or shirts...ugh, hate it!

shazaan @shazaan

everyday health is a good website uses natural resources for cures and a reduction on conditions. Fruit and Veg less saturated fat more water and Omega 3. natural sunlight positive thinking and relaxation should be reduced within 3-6 months. showed improvement.

Ebba @ebba

I'm afraid to go cut my hair as the last time I did it the stylist said: Ewww and put on gloves.....

I don't wear bikinis anymore.

pam @wipeoutmama

Stopped smoking, eat a lot of fruit and veggies. I have been fighting this battle for 50 years. Try not to get stressed.

shazaan @shazaan

I had it than stopped wearing shorts, can put you off. Brings down morale and confidence people look and laugh try take pictures. women not wanting to go out with me. Find weather stress diet helps depending on condition. i try just handle and deal with situations better.

rrah @rrah

Diagnosed at age 7, so no the only lifestyle change was a few years ago when I cleared up for some unknown reason. I went places in shorts and short sleeve shirts for the first time in decades. Unfortunately it's back.

Michelle @michelle

I just try to keep cool as heat makes my psoriasis flare up and the itch is excruciating to the point were I will claw my skin.

Michelle @michelle

I have been prescribed steroid cream but find that it makes the irritation worst. No sooner do I put it on I start scratching really bad. Has anyone else experienced this?

adrian @adrian

nothing at all

adrian @adrian

well i no longer wear short sleeves or shorts in the summer always covered up from head to toe when i go out hate wearing gloves in the summer

Jenn @jenn

I started using a 'natural' deodorant (without aluminum). The psoriasis on the bottom of my feet completely disappeared first, then my scalp also cleared us. It was like a miracle, but I can't prove that it was the new deodorant that did it. I also have flair-ups in one ear. They continue unfortunately.

Sureshkakarla @sureshkakarla

strict diet, less stressful environment.

Ragazza @ragazza

10 years after being diagnosed with Psoriasis I told my partner he could leave my house and find another one to complain to. I was tired of hearing..go to a doctor...it's not normal that you loose so many flakes... I did the Chemo treatment at that time. Well it became all sooo peaceful at home... no stress....no sorrows... just me and my children :-)

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