...feeling alone Dawn @dawn0162


just been dx with Psoriasis (arthritic) already have a host of other autoimmune diseaseand really feeling hopeless, I am 55 and cant imagine living with this pain and now skin disease for the rest of my life.


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Matthew @matt1985

We all feel the same but we are all here to help

Polyp @polyp

Fight the good fight, it can be mitigated, it might take a while to find out how. Never let it define you or beat you xxx

john,Hulk @chewbacca

yes i got both, i treat them with diet/lifestyle changes though thats a choice a choicefor everyone, my inflammation is down , joints feel better and i am not scaling all over , i wish you well

Michelle @mishlyn

Hi Dawn, as you can see, you're not alone here :) Try to stay strong and know that there are different routes you can take to help keep control of Psoriasis. Dietary changes can be huge. Adding supplements can also be very helpful. Many also have great success with biologics. I think it is all about finding what works best for us individually. If you browse the theme section, you will find a great amount of information on a variety of topics. Welcome to Flaym!!

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