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My mum used to have psoriasis all over the soles of her feet...mine is on my scalp.
Sometimes I can hide it..but does anyone get a redness around the hairline & i get one spot of it on one eye lid.
With the stress of this..I also get shingles .


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Ellen @ellen6

Yes patches on eye lids and red patches on hairline. I was told by dermatologist not to use [....] based one on the hairline as takes weeks to get out of hair folicles.. but this calmed the redness down. Also virgin coconut oil ( comes in jar is white and hard) smells lush you can get in supermarket or holland and barrett and added bonus can cook with it. I put this on at night. On scalp and works a dream to soothe and take redness out and can be used on feet too.

Ellen @ellen6

And a bit of vasaline for eyelids. Even if u do apply eye makeup put this on first. You will find intensifies the eyeshadow colour and stays on longer.

Sarah @sarahuk

Hi Dianesflakey, welcome to Flaym! Yes I get redness around the hairline. I use Aveeno cream to soothe it. I don't use steroid stuff in that area as it is sensitive and gets in the sunlight so don't want to thin the skin...

Dianesflakey @dianesflakey
Welwyn Garden City, United Kingdom

I inherited Psoriasis from my mother and grandfather. Theres also excema and asthma! Im a walking snow globe. When it flares up on my scalp..it is all hard and weeps. But ever since using "Alphosyl" shampoo/conditioner it keeps it under control. I

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