Leonie Mateer
...feeling happy Leonie Mateer @leoniemateer


Happy New Year to all my fellow psoriasis healers!!

Wishing you healthy clear skin in 2018.

There is a healthy way to obtain beautiful clear skin.

Make 2018 your psoriasis free year!


Please don't include specific medical product brand names or external links.

2 responses

Leonie Mateer
Leonie Mateer @leoniemateer

Great news Otto.... Congrats!!!

Sarah @sarahuk

Thank you, great to think of each other as psoriasis healers!

Leonie Mateer
Leonie Mateer @leoniemateer
Ventura, California and Northland, New Zealand

I suffered from the pain and embarrassment of plaque Psoriasis for over 25 years... I tried everything from quartz crystals (yeah really!) to tar and vitamin D ointments to every drug imaginable- my social life and love life suffered along with me.

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