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Does anyone know how to stop the awful itching and dry skin in ears. It drives me mad and I am making my ears very sore.


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Caroline @caroline1997

Eumavate works on mine

Chase @chase1

I try to use natural products as much as possible as they always end up on my face. Neem oil is great for this. Just put some on my ears and scalp bc I just had a flare up. I will use it at night for a week then a 50/50 ratio of rosehip and evening primrose oils.

Yvonne @y2

My ears dive me craxy. They get very itchy and red. They feel crusty and my ears are ringing. What works? Also my scalp. There are days I just pull my hair!

Hooked1tj @hooked1tj

Do you shower or bathe Mavis?

Leila @leila

Just a day since I saw this post,

Mavis @mavis

I shower and let the water rinse my ears with plenty of water to get rid of any shampoo

Mavis @mavis

Thankyou for all your responses and will be definitely trying them. I had an oil from the doctors but it didn't do anything

Sarah @sarahuk

I use oil Mavis, slather it on and soak it in!

Mavis @mavis

Thankyou Sarah

Yael @yael1

Tea tree oil

Mavis @mavis

I didn't think of tea tree oil as that is an antiseptic I think😊

Mishlyn @mishlyn

Apple cider vinegar works great for me and the itch Mavis. I just dab it on with a cotton pad :) tea tree oil is good for me also :)

Mavis @mavis

Thanks Michelle I'm making a note of everybody's suggestions and will give them all a go to see which ones ease the itching :)

Donna @donna22634

I think Tea Tree oil and also Apple Cider Vinegar as well as some coconut oil ♡ Coconut oil is very good for the skin. Good luck to you!

Mavis @mavis

Thankyou Donna coconut oil is the one thing that I have in my cupboard will try that tonight. Will get the others in the week when I go shopping

Lorna @lorna5

Hello, my ears have been driving me insane with itching for year. It wakes me up at night.

I’ve recently started using hyaluronic acid during the day in my ears and then squalene oil at night (when I remember). It’s made a huge difference.

Mavis @mavis

Thanks Lorna I've had brilliant advice from everyone and it's good to know that I'm not the only one with itchy ears that drive you nuts😊

Ginger @ginger3149

What is the hyaluronic acid and the oil and where do u get it?

Mavis @mavis

Hi Ginger sorry I don't know what hyaluronic acid is I am going to ask at the health shop hopefully tomorrow. I know there are members who would know as they have a wealth of knowledge that I don't have

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