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Not being funny but can psoriasis of the ears affect your hearing?


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Ruben @ruben

Hey Simon, there is a place to make fun here too, but questions like these are treated seriously.
I guess it can, if you read what can be affected...
I have some background noise, but I play in bands for over 10 years and work a lot of concerts. The first few years I went without proper hearing protection. These days I don't leave home without my special ear plugs.
What are your symptoms?

Clare @clare14

Yes it can as my hearing comes and go s have to use

James @ferns

You can get plaque build up inside the ear which acts like ear plugs, if it mixes with ear wax, then even more so. This was from my doctor when I thought I might have it but it's simply tinnitus I have from years of blasting my ears with loud music and working in heavy industry.

Sarah @sarahuk

Hi Simon, welcome to Flaym! I have had ear p for 21 years, but not experienced any hearing issues. I don't have any other contributing factors though in my career or lifestyle.

Simon @simon92

@ruben sorry- I was being serious - I've had really itchy ears with dry skin for the last few months and my hearing seems to be getting worse so I wondered if there was a link with psoriasis as I'm a trainee teacher and I need to get it sorted so I can hear the kids.

Jackie @jackie67

Yes I ended up with Otitis externa with fluid in my middle ear 👂. That made me hard of hearing in the affected ear. The GP said it had started from the psoriasis going into my ear. That has happened a few times. On one occasion both ears were affected. Not fun. It was like listening to everything under water. Sudafed decongestant helped.

Ruben @ruben

@Simon, I got that, that's why I tried to answer seriously. Questions as yours are no joke. I don't have it in my ears but I can only imagine the itch :(

Stacy @S

Whatever you do don’t scratch at them ... mine were driving me nuts but I ended up with a bad ear infection most of December in the left one worst pain ever !!

Kris @kris51

I have it on my scalp / behind the ears and in my ears and I wear hearing aids?. after a 20 mins of wearing them I get the itching within the ear[s] it's quite annoying to say the least?.

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