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Thanks for this. I have tinnitus


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Allegra @allegra

Hi Johanna -
Came across something new on Facebook: making tea from a few twigs of thyme. Since I have a thyroid issue and sometimes have fibromyalgia which is a bastard, I am now including it in my morning smoothie and will make tea as well, w a tiny bit of honey. (Sugar puts the ears into an uproar.) The fibromyalgia is now gone, but could also be thanks to a good rest. :) Am continuing with the thyme though - have bought fresh at the supermarket but dried is probably even more powerful.

They mentioned tinnitus in the list of things thyme is good for. I have that too since many years and have to say now that I'm listening for it, it's rather faint. Not noticeable, anyway.

Sarah @sarahuk

Welcome Johanna! Loads of people have p and tinnitus... many in the same boat as it were! Glad you found us.

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