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I've got psoriasis in my ears for many years,its embarrassing whats the best thing I can use.


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Allegra @allegra

Hey Maxine, I feel your pain. Literally. I use Vicks (as it's called here in South Africa) or Vick as it's called elsewhere; that or a balm called Zambuk. Both have a bit of a burn, just enough to get rid of the itch, and are highly emollient so it takes care of the dry flakes which then soften can can be removed.

I also find a finger covered with a soapy facecloth does wonders - somehow the alkalinity helps. On other occasions, a Q-tip dipped into 10 volume hydrogen peroxide helps.

On rare occasions when I've let it get out of hand or been very stressed, I've used a cortisone cream. That cures it very fast, but the long-term effects are said to be harmful. When one gets older, one's skin becomes very thin and tears easily; those red blotches start to appear. So if at all possible, try not to. The make I used was Persivate.

But - as I read elsewhere here, it's there forever. In fact, I can't remember ever not having it... certainly since I was a young (stressed) mother in my early twenties. Am now 64. Hope that isn't too depressing.

Currently am doing very well, was amazed last night that my ears were completely clear. This could be thanks to my golden turmeric drink I have most nights. Am switching to coconut milk though, though it's rather expensive compared to dairy.

Sarah @sarahuk

Loads of us have this Maxine! It's not embarrassing here at least amongst flakey friends. For me my ears came under control using a short course of steroid gel, and then I stopped this about 2 years ago. Clear since! Maintain with Aveeno. Hope this helps! Welcome

chris @chris2028

i have really bad patches behind both ears and sometimes it flares up in my ears, i use epaderm cream its an emollient and it helps protect the skin when you have to itch! i try not to use my steroid lotion too often as i am afraid of thinning my skin

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