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Had anyone experienced flares happens as seasonal changes?


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Roxanne @roxanne

Yes my Guttate starts getting bad as soon as it starts to get cold.

Dalene @dalene2

Mine does at the start of summer?

Joyce @joyce6

Mine does at the start of summer too Dalene I’ve come to the conclusion that there are two kinds of psoriasis, one that responds to heat and one that responds to cold. I found that anything that dries it out ( heat therapy, sunlight etc.,) makes mine much worse.

Dalene @dalene2

Weird, i find my body respond only with phototherapy - doctors says rather use sunlight - but if it flairs with heat i dont know what to make of it

Sarah @sarahuk

Yep Dalene, me! My skin dries in the winter with the indoor heating. Extra moisturiser required!

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