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Has anyone had light therapy for P? I had it two years ago and my skin is totally clear apart from my scalp as the light cannot penetrate through hair. I cannot find anything that helps my scalp except coconut oil, anyone have any ideas? Many thanks


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Susan @godcares

I did light therapy and it cleared as well but came back when I stopped. You can try aloe vera gel on your scalp.

Claire @clairec375

Thanks I will try aloe Vera gel. I must have been very lucky with light therapy. It worked that well I considered buying the light therapy brush but the cost isn't really within my budget. Thanks again for the advice ๐Ÿ˜€

Chris @Chris70

I had it as well cleared for a while but back it came must have missed me ๐Ÿ˜

Claire @clairec375

I'm beginning to wonder if it worked so well for me cause I was diagnosed with skin trauma P after a car crash. Dermo seems to think it only came out because of the trauma

RedSpotEliminator @redspoteliminator

Same experience as Chris & Susan - a few weeks after stopping, it came back. Pso needs to be battled internally - light treatment is external.

Michelle507 @michelle1975

Had PUVA - excellent treatment.
Heard they are trialling a banana based product for the scalp. Coal-tar based shampoos help and some treatments for skin can be massaged into the scalp and left overnight.

Sarah @sarahuk

I haven't had light therapy but was on a waiting list for it for 7 months. In that time the extra guttate p that I was looking to treat had cleared up from other changes so came off the list before I got it! That's great that you have been clear so long from it. Most experiences I see are where the p has come back again after light treatment stops. For scalp, I find oil soaks to be the most helpful thing. This year is my first year of having a clear scalp in 21 years. Soaking the oil into your scalp a couple of hours before washing, doing this frequently until under control. Hope this helps!

Dalene @dalene2

Claire i find coconut oil do s little relieve but liquid parafin used daily works well on scull

Sarah90053 @sarah90053

I struggled with a flaky scalp for years and then tried Head and Shoulders and it's brilliant. I guess it wont work for every body but it's worth a try. I tried the Timotei but that just made everything worse, so its not just a regular dandruff shampoo its the specific brand Head and Shoulders.
As for light therapy, well it works a treat while you have it but then its a slow journey back to spotty land, and on top of that you have to weigh up clear skin against the risk of cancer.

Claire @clairec375

Thanks Sarah, I've been spending a fortune on expensive shampoos that haven't really made a difference so I will try head and shoulders, thanks for the tip, fingers crossed it works for me. I was really lucky with light therapy, I had 16 sessions over 2 years ago and my skin has been clear ever since ๐Ÿค—

Michelle507 @michelle1975

I spoke to a colleague today and they said that baby oil in the hair and letting it soak into the scalp for a good hour - then use a bone comb gently to tease of the growth.
She said that you really have to wash your hair to take out the might help. Take care ๐Ÿ˜€

Sarah @sarahuk

Hehe Spotty Land!

Margaret @margaret1949

My scalp was originally diagnosed as psoriasis but after taking test was diagnosed as Lichen Planus similar symtoms

Jane @jane109

I have that in my mouth! Maybe that is what is on my head?

Susan @godcares

Claire there are steroid creams you can use but if you haven't done an elimination diet you won't know your triggers. You really need to start from the inside out.

rob @rob3237

polytar liquid, if that don't work dithronol.

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