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I am covered with plaque psoriasis, and have been for at least 10 years. My drug plan does not cover anything my Dr. prescribes. I don’t know what to do. I stay in, and use lots of lotions, but they don’t work. HELP


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RedSpotEliminator @redspoteliminator

Pat1956 - ask Susan or Michelle for the cleanse diet. Eating the right foods and avoiding the wrong foods is crucial. Also, if you drink or smoke, stop now. And if you are able-bodied, you'll need to start exercising. Consider buying an exercise bike or a treadmill if you don't want to go to the gym and stick with a program.

judi @judi3

I find Vitamin E and Lecithin helps

Cherie @cherie2

I find coconut oil and Moo Goo Skin products very helpful. The Moo Goo range is available at chemists and online. I live in Australia. 🌺

Lisa @mulford71

My sister used tanning beds to help her skin psoriasis.

Michelle @mishlyn

Hi Pat, I am sorry to hear about your drug plan not covering what your dr prescribes. How frustrating that would be. I am happy you found us here. You will find a lot of great tips as to what works well for others. Have you ever talked to your doctor about finding something that your drug plan will cover? Whats working really well for me right now is a combo of Omega 3 with high epa, Moringa, probiotic and eating well. I am currently on my second week of a cleanse that Susan has shared. If you are interested in trying out dietary changes let us know and we can make sure to help you along the way :) If you browse the themes section for the topic Natural approaches for some tips on what may be able to help you at home. Welcome to Flaym!

Sarah @sarahuk

Yep definitely natural approaches topic is the place to browse for all the non medical stuff that helps Flaymers... Diet, moisturising, oils, supplements... all great stuff that might spark your insipration on new things you can do! Welcome!

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