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How do you control scalp psoriasis? Any reccomendations for over-the-counter products? I try not to worry about it too much, but when the flakes start "waking up" and spreading out to my hair it's pretty visible and obvious. Any advice helps! Thnx


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Jessica @saldije12

I use to use apple cider vinegar as a rinse. I've used tea tree oil and coconut to get rid of the flakes also try conditioning from ears down

Sarah @sarahuk

Love the description of flakes "waking up" 😊 I think not worrying helps a lot, though difficult sometimes... Oil helps loads for me for flakes! And Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion. Others will have lots of tips too...

Michelle @mishlyn

Hi Cass, Neutrogena Extra strength works really well for me when my scalp has been bad. I keep it on hand for any sign of it returning and it clears up for me quickly. Welcome to Flaym!

Ruben @ruben

Hey Cass, I used to have it in my scalp, but not anymore. I guess because of Vitamine B and Omega 3 that I added to my diet. Doesn't help as well for my other P...

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