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Anyone else dealing with psoriasis on their face? It's just about the only place I have it. Just a bit on my scalp and chest otherwise. Also, I hear people talking about flare-ups, but for me it's always the same.


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Jessica @saldije12

I recently developed a few small spots on my face

SiennaD @siennad

I have a few small plaques on the side of my face and behind my ears and a few spots

Sarah @sarahuk

Hey Chris! Yes I have p on the eyebrows and hairline, though at the moment it is very calm. Only this year and last that it is under control in 21 years! Me too never really had flare ups as such until I got my first guttate outbreak last year. That was a flare up for sure! I use Aveeno Cream on my face. My "breakfast" this morning was a glass of water, a rice milk smoothie, and a bottle of Aveeno by my side! hehe. Welcome.

Matthew @matthew27

I use a hydrocortisone cream on my face, it is a steroid cream but only contains 1% so it's ok to use on the face and it reduces the redness in my face

Susan @godcares

Hi Chris. Welcome to the site. john is great for psoriasis on the face ideas I think. He can tell you more. I got healing from diet change as well as just mind/body/soul practice. I had it really bad years ago along with other autoimmune diagnose's... Some of us here are doing an elimination diet that can really help to discover what is just not something you should consume. It's personal for everyone. I am more than happy to send it to you if you message me. Blessings to you.

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Chris @chris307
New York, NY, United States

Living with psoriasis since 1995. Eager to learn from everyone here and hear your stories.

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