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Chest plaques have, literally overnight, gone that way where a large area in the centre has gone smooth (but still red) but still with a plaque border. It's weird but it happens every few months. It's left my chest looking like a map of Mordor.


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Michelle @mishlyn

Hi James, That great to hear your center skin has become smooth overnight :) I would have the same experience every time healing of plaques would start. The border would always be the last to go..leaving a discolored area within the whole space. With my skin healing now, this is the first time ever in 25 years there have been no outline or discoloration :) Quite sure omega 3's are playing a big part in it!

Ellen @ellen6

Very interesting i know i dont eat much oily fish. I take cod liver oil capsules though.

Lynn @lynnb366

That’s a good thing!!

Michelle @mishlyn

I don't have much fish in my diet either Ellen, my husband is allergic so we never have it in the house. I saw a naturopath a couple of months ago. She said the best things to take to aid in healing psoriasis were Omega 3 with high level of epa, as well as a probiotic. I am thrilled with how well it is working for me. :D

Susan @godcares

That's good James... What did you do differently, although I think you were going to do the diet. You made me chuckle because I had to look up Mordor. No idea what that was. LOL. I hope it completely goes away for you.

Chris @Chris70

James as long as it doesn't effect the one ring 😀

Sarah @sarahuk

Hahahahh Chris! 😆 Ah James that's great that your patches sound like they're fading? Is this related to the cleanse diet? Wow! 😎

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