...feeling sad Ruth @MissD


I just want to live a normal life. To not worry about what I eat, drink or even smoke without thinking how it would negatively impact the largest organ on my body. .


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Otto_M_Moon @will21

yes the largest organ in your body , there is a lot of empty spaces between the cells. Interstitial fluid job is to feed, lubricate and fill the empty voids. Then Plaque , which is just proteins and calcium , jams it up . Motion is the way to clear it . I smoke, I don't drink much in the way of alcohol , because I think weed is choice. I eat whatever I want and stay thin because I been getting rid of the obstruction that screws up my cellular metabolism. No made up diseases , just fluid dynamics. Same laws that apply outside the body apply inside

Sarah @sarahuk

It would be great to never have to consider what you put inside your body. I wonder if, for non-psoriasis people, the damage is still being done but is invisible. Are our bodies actually just really efficient at telling us what's wrong? And for others they'll never know? 😶

RedSpotEliminator @redspoteliminator

In a strange way, I believe that my psoriasis has actually improved my overall health. Fear of flare ups is what really keeps me on my toes in terms of dieting and exercise. Knowing that my body can go back to being 30-40% covered if I stop working out or stop eating right can be a great motivational tool. I'm currently in the best shape of my life right now and it's largely because of my psoriasis.

Eric @Emw777

I understand. You sound like me. 15 years of this.

Sarah @sarahuk

That's a great way to think RedSpot! I'm the same in many ways. I exercise a lot, and eat the best I ever have!

Ruth @MissD

Thanks for the feedback guys,

i think in the end how you view P is how it affects your life - if you struggling with continuous flare ups thats all over you and you are unable to deal with it - it could lead to having a more negative view of P than those who knows what their triggers are and whos doing well in avoiding them. Perspective.

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Ruth @MissD
Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

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