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My facial psoriasis is gone✨ I had totally forgot how good it feels to have clear and healthy skin in the face🙌🏼


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Susan @godcares

Well that is terrific Line! How'd you do that?


Bev @bev43

Wow congrats Line

Jim @jim1235

Very good news Line.
Can you share with us how you did it?

Chris @chris307

Amazing! Did you make any changes or did it fade on its own?

Steve @cartermac13

Congrats Line :)

Dwayne @dwayne

See I told u. What goes around comes around Karma.
It's all about being positive. Keep thinking that way Line it really does work.
Keep up the good fight...

Michelle @mishlyn

awww Line I am so so Happy for you!! That is just fantastic! You have went through so much and I am so pleased your New Year is off to an amazing start. Keep Smiling & enjoy!! :D

Ruben @ruben

Great news! Congrats!

Merle @merle19

How did you get rid of it. I am also a sufferer. It’s also facial.

Merle @merle19

How can I get rid of mine

Sarah @sarahuk

Excellent work, Line! You made it. Now here's to keeping it calm! Time to make some long term plans for your skin now it's under control 😎

Line @line1

Thank you everyone, you are so sweet❤️ To the ones who asks how it went away. I got some creams on a receipt from my dermatologist, creams that you can only use for a couple of weeks at a time.
The app won’t allow me to write the name of the creams, but the best thing is to get help from professionals.
Before I got help, I spended so many hours a day putting on fat creams and scratch in my face. Now I have used the cream from the dermotologist for a couple of weeks, and an oinment for dry skin a couple of times a day, nothing else and seriously, my facial skin have never ever felt softer than it does right now.

Susan @godcares

Line that's great. I am really hoping it's not a steroid cream. But each to their own. You have to feel good about yourself and I'm happy whatever you are using is helping.

Mark @markcoruk

Good happy for you :)

Merle @merle19

How did you do that. I have it on my face aswell

Bonnie @bonnie1964

I also got rid of mine for 6 months now using a reputable HEMP CBD full spectrum oil supplement. Sharing the results

Line @line1

@merle19 the app won’t allow me to write the name of the creams, but try to check out the other answer i wrote.

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Line @line1
Copenhagen, Denmark

Creative and positive but insecure because of having lived a life with bothering psoriasis.

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