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I wrote a post about having a date with someone I had not seen for 38years - was upfront about my skin and the good news is it does not bother him one little bit - has made me feel attractive and given me a load of confidence back - happy 2018 x


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Susan @godcares

Jayne that's wonderful. He's a wonderful soul then. Jeez, you are sooooooo much for than your skin. I remember seeing an article about this model that was completely deformed in her face after a fire. She ended up marrying this wonderful man who said he was marrying the whole person, not just the skin. I'm really happy for you.

Sarah @sarahuk

Ahhh that is such lovely Flaym news! Great for you, being upfront and putting your p out there! I'm really happy for you, so uplifting to see what a bit of bravery can do 💛

Michelle @mishlyn

So happy to hear this Jayne!! Enjoy!!

Jayne @jaynemaber

Thanks for all the lovely commentsx

Shweta Singh
Shweta Singh @shwetasingh

this is so nice Jayne. :)

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Jayne @jaynemaber
Gloucester, United Kingdom

hi I am jayne an have had psoriasis for over 30 years - am now young free and single ( ok forget the young bit lol ) Watch out world - here i come !!!!

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