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Whats the one thing you have done that has made the most difference to your psoriasis ? I have weekly biologic injections. Which seem to help. However I have been eating far better. More fiber than anything, aiming for 40 grams per day.


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James @ferns

This elimination diet seems to be having a good effect. Early days yet I suppose but nothing else has had much effect.

Sarah @sarahuk

Hey Mark, I think the thing I've done that has made the most difference is researching psoriasis as a condition, and so learning how to manage it better.

Rita @rita

For me, I think cutting out all forms of dairy has helped.

Cherryl @cherryl

Diet and supplements help me

Michelle @mishlyn

Hi Mark, I think the biggest difference I have made is changing my thought process. Taking away anger, feelings of being ashamed & hate towards my skin. Without making these changes, I don't think I could have successfully made the changes and additions I have through diet and supplements :)

Mark @markcoruk

Funny you should say that Michelle. I think anger plays a part. My psoriasis used to be so red. Now its like a purple colour. Not so red.

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Mark @markcoruk
Nottingham, United Kingdom

Veteran of psoriasis the best is yet to come :)

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