...feeling hopeful Diane @froghop26

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New Year, so far no new spots. Yipee. Home from Bangkok with food poisoning from an airport restaurant. It takes about 15 hours to get home with airport waiting times. Not ideal. Feeling better now though and my spots are fading rapidly.


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Susan @godcares

Diane that is super! Very happy for you!

Susan @godcares

Not happy you got sick though Diane. :(

Jim @jim1235

Diane, maybe you found the answer we’ve been looking for. Go to Bangkok, eat some Thai food, get sick and watch the p spots fade away. Not even p can survive Thai food.
Seriously, glad you’re doing good.

Susan @godcares

Very funny Jim. Good one for me to end the day with. No Bangkok on my bucket list. Now for sure! LOL

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Diane @froghop26
Cambridge, Tasmania, Australia

I love animals, traveling, my children and my grandchildren. My psoriasis is an inconvenience, it doesn't define me or stop me living my life how I want. Live, laugh, love :)

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