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It's breaking out again but this time on my scalp, I don't like breakouts but when I stress a lot it gets worse. So does anyone have any idea on how I can prevent it getting worse when I'm stressed?


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Merle @merle19

I’m also a sufferer. When stressed it is worse

Cazza @caroline1996

It sucks that there's no cure for it.

Merle @merle19

Yes it does. To live with it. It’s not easy

Cazza @caroline1996

True. Makes life difficult.

Lisa @lisa6476

Check out Earth longevity. This stuff really works!

Sarah @sarahuk

Less stress, lovely! See if you can rid any stress out of your life. Have you tried a chill out app? I used Headspace a couple of years ago... 10 minute chill outs that don't take up too much space in your day. There are lots of similar ones. Cherie sometimes posts meditations on here, visual ones. I guess find a thing that relaxes you and do more of it! 😊

Janice @Immy

Try sitting in a comfortable chair in a quiet room, take a deep breath and count to 8 then exhale, do this until your mind goes blank and you relax for approx. 10 to 15 minutes repeat this as many times that you wish throughout the day, works wonders for me.

Stacey @stac

Earth longevity has been working out for me, mine is on the soles of my feet.

Cazza @caroline1996

Thank you everyone for the advice 😊.

Cazza @caroline1996

No way?! Yeah I'll admit it's not the greatest place. But Hawaii?! Man I'm jealous.

steve @beachbum

I think homemade kombucha with pineapple, ginger, and turmeric cured me. It might cure you too. It tastes pretty damn good too.

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Cazza @caroline1996

My life is a roller coaster

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