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I'm new here. I see everyone talking about nutrition and moisturizers. Does anyone use medications? I'm just curious because I have PA and see a rheumatologist. The medications I use manage my psoriasis and arthritis.


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Nicola @nicola12349

I have PA but at the moment I'm coping with [.....] and ibuprofen, am seeing my rheumatologist again in 3 months and he has said he will likely prescribe [...]but I want to hold off aslong as possible x

Kelvin @kelvinuk1

I do use a couple of medications, but not allowed to name them due to rules. Ask your doctor about a scalp application and, if you have ear P, there is an ear spray available.

steve @beachbum

No medications. Nothing the dermatologist gave me did anything other than provide temporary relief. I'm pretty sure I was cured with pineapple, ginger, turmeric spiked kombucha.

Kim @kim1123

Kelvin, I don't have p on my scalp or ears. I don't get breakouts unless forced to go off my meds because of infection or surgery. Once I go back on them, I clear up within a few weeks.

Sarah @sarahuk

Hi Kim, welcome! Yes absolutely Flaym folk use medications. Many use them to relieve symptoms and get the condition under control. The things you mention of using natural and diet approaches are really just ways of trying other things in longer term management and trying to minimise medication usage. People react to such different things! We talk about it all here. Except product names of course!

Irene @irene5

When you all speak of meds ...What are they? Are they prescribed by a Doctor?

Kim @kim1123

Yes Irene, I was speaking of prescription meds. We're not allowed to talk about name brands.

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