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Is Anyone else living in the Washington state, Seattle / Tacoma area?


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Sarah @sarahuk

I'm across the pond in UK, Richard

Penny @penny169

I am in Puyallup. That's pretty close !! I lived in Arizona for awhile and it helped me then. But Puyallup and surroundings are where my family lives. It is hard to know what to do !!

Richard @richard1957

Hi Penny, I have a Puyallup address as well however I am actually in parkland. I lived in Arizona for about 8 years and Tampa Florida for another 11years. I did not have any problems with P until I moved here! Maybe we can brainstorm this and try to figure out some good answers for ourselves.

Penny @penny169

Hi Richard ~
Brainstorming sounds great !! I have found tanning can help. It is my understanding when you were in Arizona; that you didn't have any problems.....right ? When I lived there I did not have a problem. When I moved back ( about 6 years ago ) is when it all started up again. I just missed my large family and came back home. It probably is our weather here. Like our rain and lack of sun shine....??? Do you have a Dermatologist in our area ? Mine retired; so I need to find one. Thank you for your time; and I look forward to hearing from you.

Lynn @lynnb366

I’m on the other side of the country 😊, Pennsylvania. I wished I lived in Florida or Arizona for the warmth and the sun because I’m not a fan of Winter!!!

Dan @danwebster

I'm here in Seattle

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Richard @richard1957
Tacoma, WA, United States

Snows indoors and out now here in Washington state!?

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