...feeling proud Eilish @eilish


Bit the bullet & Got the tattoo I've been wanting for ages last Tuesday & so far no problems! 😁.. not going to let P stop me living the life I want to live.. #feelingpositive


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Bryan82 @bryan1690

Psoriasis does ruin tattoos I should know good luck tho keep u r skin wet x

Eilish @eilish

It's on a place that isn't affected, so hopefully it stays like that! 😊 but so far so good!

Cherryl @cherryl

Good for you eilish. This is something I’ve pondered about - to get another tattoo or not! I didn’t have p when I got my first tattoo

Sarah @sarahuk

Ace Eilish, yessss! Good for you. The psoriasis must not win! What is your tattoo of?

john,Hulk @chewbacca

as long as its not a tattoo of a psoriatic patch :) i have a few of these types of tattoos and they can go where ever they want to, my tattoos are not the same all the time and i have white healing type tattoos too :)

Mishlyn @mishlyn

That is great Eilish!! So happy to hear you didn't let P stand in your way! Cheers to you!! :D

Roxanne @roxanne

Good for you Eilish.

Kim @kim1123

I have three tattoos. They are not in places affected by my psoriasis and I've never had any problems with them.

Lisa @lisa41

Good for you there addictive you get more I've got quite a few get another one on Tues x

Jan @janners

I have 23 and have no problems!!

Shirley @shir1

Thanks for letting me know Kim x

Shirley @shir1

Hi Eilish that good to know. No we shouldn’t be dictated by our pain or any other conditions. We do need to be mindful thought as we don’t want to be left in a worse state because we weren’t careful. Take care and live a great life x

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Eilish @eilish

Had psoriasis since I was 14, I'm 23 now and currently going through a flare up 😥. From the UK.

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